Bali’s First
Sushi Hand Roll Bar

EST. 2017

Welcome to TYGR Sushi Hand Roll Bar. We’re serving just-made hand rolls with warm nasi, crispy nori, and fresh fillings. Our rolls are designed to be eaten immediately after being served by our hand roll specialists and enjoyed with our signature sauces.

You can start with one of our set menus- go a la carte, make a bowl, or pair some tasty sides such as: karaage, edamame or handmade motchi ice cream sandwiches. An ice cold glass of draft beer, sake, or our signature green tea make it all go down easy.

These mochi ice cream sandwhiches are not only vegan friendly but also locally sourced with artisanal fillings provided by our good friends at Mad Pops and constructed by Toiro’s Mochi Master, Tomoya Fukui.


New Year New Flavors!

Happy New Year To All! We are kicking off 2018 with some new tasty items on the menu, from hot Katsu Curry to cold seaweed salad. The TYGR menu has...


What a wall!

Things are progressing nicely and taking shape from our design into reality...Sometimes that reality is harder than expected to achieve. Our featured herringbone wall behind the bar has proven to...


Mid March update

Now that the main structures have been put in place and the building is structurally sound, we begin to work on the details.


Marching Ahead

Here we are at the beginning of month 3 in our construction phase and things are starting to shape up. We almost have all 4 walls closed up and once...


Hello ‘H’ Beam Backbone

The backbone of the restaurant has been erected and fixed in place and all of the supports have been taken down! It is like getting a cast removed from a...


Pelan Pelan

Here we are, almost one month after breaking ground, and progress is inching along. We have been watching the progress everyday and sometimes too close of a look creates the...


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